ARRS - Association of Road Racing Statisticians

Ken Young

Ken Young set USA records at 40 miles and the indoor marathon in the early 1970s while earning a PhD in geophysical sciences with a minor in statistics. He learned to program computers in 1965 and has been working with computers ever since. He first used a computer to produce race results in 1970, and produced computer-based running performance rankings in 1975 while teaching at the University of Arizona. By 1980, these rankings had developed into the National Running Data Center which pioneered and developed road records in the United States (now operated as the RRIC by the USAT&F). In the 1990s Ken developed a relational database for distance running and began the "Analytical Distance Runner" newsletter. Co-founder of ARRS, Ken maintains the ARRS database of more than 400,000 performances and is one of the webmasters for the ARRS website.